what to expect

The design process is very personal to everyone and varies greatly from project to project. That allows for the boundaries to blur at times to accommodate individuality, but below you will find an outline of what is typically to be expected during the process. Note that not all packages include all the phases, the stage we reach together depends on the package that you choose.
Free consultation

During this meeting we will get to know each other better and explore your personal tastes as well as making an assessment of the property. At this stage we would also discuss your expectations in terms of time and budget. Having a set budget or a good idea of what you would like to spend upfront, not only saves money, but also help to set a realistic offset point. If possible initial measurements may be taken for planning purposes. After the meeting, I will send you a written report with a proposal based on your needs after which you decide whether to proceed and formally commit to the stage of design required.

Mood board

The purpose of the moodboard is to make sure that we have a united image of the look and feel for your project and explore trends and possibilities. Actual products have not yet been sourced.

Room plan & budget estimation

The floor plan gives you an overview of furniture placement and helps determine the amount of items in order to get a budget estimation for the project.

Final Design

We are now moving forward with a concrete design objective that will require in-depth and detailed discussions. Changes will be applied, after which a final room plan and budget can be drawn up and I will provide you with a sample board of specific items

as well as a 3D visualisation for your space. If architects or engineers are involved, we will now hand over our final plans, although

they would have been consulted during our process in order to minimise costly surprises and plan effectively.

Start of procurement

Making sure that we have covered and understood all aspects of the design so that we can source materials and appoint the relevant suppliers. A completion date is established, after detailed price and time requests to the suppliers which sometimes involve part of stage three. This can be an exciting, but time consuming phase.

Scope of work and data sheets
During this phase we provide and coordinate a scope of work for completion. For bespoke items and detail we will draw up data sheets, drawings and liaise closely with the relevant suppliers.
Procurement & installation 
Invoicing, tracking of items, quality control and client updates. We coordinate the delivery, installation and positioning of all furniture, furnishings, art work and home accessories.